Friday, October 9, 2009

Can't download

I apologize for not posting anything in awhile. I have been quite busy with making Halloween costumes and planning a Halloween party, but that's not why I haven't posted, my computer isn't allowing me to download pictures on it, my husband is trying to figure out what the problem is, we just keep getting these error messages saying that the computer can download, but no explanations as to why we can't download pictures. So until we get this figured out I won't be posting any new styles and I have quite a few, I will still take pictures of all the new ones I do and post them when I can.

Yesterday was picture day at my daughters school and I have to say she looked adorable, my son looked really good too(at least when he left the house, who knows how he looked for the pictures!). I will be sure to post the pictures when I get them, I can scan those so I think that should be fine. Anyway I apologize again for not having any new styles.