Saturday, June 12, 2010

New color and cut.

I am in Idaho visiting my parents for the summer, it has been so much fun. My mom took me and my girls out for a day at the Salon, Ryne got her hair cut I got a cut, color and some high lights Ellie just watched! We had a blast, Thank you Grandma J.

I had all the red stripped out of my hair, I decided to go back to my natural color of light brown with blond highlights, I love it, it turned out so nice. Here's a side view...Front, sorry these aren't the best pictures, they are from my phone. I finally got a new camera but I have to get a memory card for it, so until then my phone pics will have to do!
I didn't get any pics of Ryne, she really just got a trim cause she wants "to keep it short awhile".