Thursday, September 24, 2009


I actually dreamed about this style!! I know it's crazy that I dream about hair!! Anyway in my dream it was my older sisters hair that I did and it was much longer than Ryne's.

1)Start by parting the hair into 3 sections, 2 front sections and 1 back section like this...
2) Do a french style dutch braid with one of the front sections of hair, then repeat to the other side. So you should have 2 braids about half way down her head like this.3) wrap a small section of hair around the elastic and secured it with a bobby pin.4) Bring the 2 sections of hair you have left from the braids together divided it into 3 sections, then continue doing your french style dutch braid grabbing hair from the 3rd section.
This is what you should have when you are done. Now in my crazy dream I braided the hair all the way to the ends and tucked it under and secured with a bobby pin. Ryne's hair is to short to do that so this is what I ended up doing.
Top view.
It reminded me of a wishbone, so that's what I named it!!
Such a goofy girl, she is always so excited when I am finally done with her hair!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog worthy?

When I came up with this style I didn't think that it was blog worthy so, I didn't take step by step pictures, once I got done with it I decided it was cuter than I thought it was gonna be!! I will try and explain how I did it the best I can, if any one wants step by step pics let me know and I will take some and add them later.
1) I started by parting it like the zig zag dutch braid I did yesterday. Then take the small front section and twist it back, secure with an elastic.

2) Pull the rest of the hair back into a pony tail, take the remaining hair from the front twist and twist it back into the pony tail, secure with an elastic. Separate the pony tail into 2 sections then twist them together secure with an elastic, then pull the twist around the pony tail like a bun and secure with bobby pins.Hopefully ya understand all that, if ya have any questions let me know. Let me know if you think this style was blog worthy or not, don't worry I won't be offended. :)

On a side note I got my hair cut and colored, it's hard to see the color but it's red, I will have to get some better pictures of it later, it's hard when your tryin to do it yourself!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zig Zag Dutch Braid

There's no rhyme or reason for this style I was just playin around with some ideas and I thought this was kinda cool.

1) Part the hair down the middle like this..2) Part off a small front section, then do a french style dutch braid all the way to the ends.
3) Take the section that's behind the front section and come it back, then do another dutch braid pulling in the first braid you did, braid all the way to the ends then repeat to the other side.
Once both sides are done bring the ends together and secure with an elastic, then add a bow.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bottom Band

I have been playing around with these kind of headbands and creating ways to help keep them in, it was mentioned to me that the problem with this kind of headband isn't so much keeping the front from sliding back but keeping the back from sliding up and popping off, this is one thing you can do that seems to remedy the problem.

I parted a small section in the front of her head and did a uneven 3 strand braid. Ya don't have to do this first braid if you don't want to Ryne just wanted a braid.
Then I pulled the hair into a loose pony tail and pulled a small amount of hair out like this...Put the headband in place.Pull a small section of hair out just above the headband like so...Combine the sections together, then separate into 3 sections like this, then do a small french braid across the back of the headband, making sure to grab sections from the top and bottom, once you get across secure with an elastic. In this case I did not braid all the way to the ends.This is what it should look like. Take out your pony tail and let the hair hang down. I secured the top braid to a small section of hair, Ryne didn't like it swinging around. I curled the ends of her hair "out"and then put in a bow. Side shot.And your "ALL DONE!!" Ryne's been wearing this all morning and I haven't had any problems with it sliding up or back.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uneven 3 strand braids in a pony tail.

Yesterday the gal over at Babes in Hair Land did a style done with an uneven 3 strand braid, I loved the way it looked, I had never seen it before so I went over to her sight and learned how to do the braid and decided I would do my own style with it today.

1) Make and exaggerated side part, them part from ear to ear, like this. Start with the section with the least amount of hair do the Uneven 3 strand braid.
2) Divided the section that has more hair in half, then do the Uneven braid with the top half. Once the braids are done set them aside then pull the rest of the hair together in a pony tail add the braids before securing with an elastic.
I just left the pony tail as it was but you could continue the braid, or put it in a bun, whatever you like use your imagination.
So I seem to be having an UN lucky day today, first let me give ya a little back story, Ryne lost one of my contacts and it was the last pair I had, so I have been wearing my 6 yr old won't even stay on my face if I look down glasses, until I could get in to see my Dr. Well this morning as I was doing Ryne's hair I made the mistake of looking down, my glasses slid off my face and since my hands were full of hair I didn't catch them, they landed in the sink the lens and the screw popped out, I found both but as I was trying to repair them blindly(I am literally legally blind without my glasses)I dropped them and lost the black screw in my black carpet!! So you may be wondering how I am writing this post if I am blind the answer would be I still have 1 good contact and I have no other choice but to wear it. I just thought the was kinda a funny story just wanted to share. Oh yeah I called the Dr. office to let them know my situation and they are going to give me a trial pair until I can get in to see the Dr. Yeah so by this afternoon I should have both my eyes back. ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiny Braids Pony Tail

Sometimes I like a good old fashioned pony tail, Ryne looks really cute with a pony tail but she still has a lot of short hair in the front and by the end of the day most of her hair is in her face, which kinda defeats the purpose of a pony tail. Today I decided to just do some small braids in the front to hold all the short hair together.

1) Start by pulling out a small amount of hair going all around her head like this........
2) Separate into smaller sections and braid, I did 7 braids all together I did NOT do the braids all the way around her head, just until about the back of her ear like this...
3)Once you have finished the braids, pull them aside out of the way and gather the rest of the hair with an elastic pulling it into a pony tail and securing with an elastic, then pull the braids back and add then to the pony tail, I just secured them with another elastic.
I left the back section out because this hair falls out anyway, so I just sprayed it with water and scrunched it a little. You can pull this hair up into the pony, or you could braid it and then add it to the pony tail.
I curled the ends of her pony tail under.Add a cute flower and your done!!We will see how well this held up when she gets home from school.:)

Fabric Flower Link

Thank you Triskit, I went right over to Girly Do's by Jen and found the link, someone else had also left a comment on her post and linked to another fabric flower tutorial this one is very cute as well, and I will be tryin it soon, ok those are the the links check them out and happy flower making!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Head band and Dutch Braid

Ryne LOVES headbands but they always slide backwards so I came up with this style to remedy the problem.

1) Part a front section of hair from about the middle of one ear over to the other, then start on the far side and do a Dutch braid (the braid will go from ear to ear), once the braid is done secure with an elastic, then put on the headband and let the other hear down, curl the ends and that's it.

Sorry about the crappy pictures my settings got changed and I didn't realize it till later. I am sure ya get the idea though. :)

Polka dot flower hair!

Isn't this the cutest fabric flower!? Another hair blog feature it they learned how to make it from another blog, I can't remember which hair blog I got it from so I am really sorry, I will look for it and see if I can get the link, but if any of you know were this was featured let me know. Ok so I made this flower to go with a shirt that I made my daughter, this is the style we did nothin super fancy.

1) Start parting a front section (my part went to the back of the ears.) Once that is done part that section into 3 sections.
2) French braid each section, once they are all done gather the braids and the remaining hair and secure with an elastic, the braid the pony tail, secure with an elastic. Now you can leave it like that or you can do what I did and tuck the braid under the elastic, then add a bow or flower or some other fun creation.