Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Braid Buns and Mini Diva Giveaway!!

I usually plan my daughter's hair around the clothes that she is going to wear, today she decided to wear this simple kind of old fashioned shirt I made her. The fabric it's made out of reminds me of pioneers, so I decided we needed to come up with a braided up do and we have also been into doing buns lately so this is what I came up with.

1)Start by parting the hair down the middle, like you are gonna do pig tales secure one side with elastic while working with other side.

2)The take a side and section that into 3 triangular sections. You can see it in the picture. Then french braid each section from the bottom up so that the hair is piled on top of the head. Secure with elastic.Then braid the pony tale and wrap it around making a bun and secure with bobby pins. Repeat to the other side.
That's it your done it took me about 20 mins to do this style and it turned out really cute. Once I was done I added some ribbon and a couple of clips.

I love braids because they hold all the hair back out of her face and they last through lots of rough housing and play.

I also wanted to mention a giveaway that Hair for the Mini Diva is doing right now. She has some fantastic bows that she makes herself, I love her bows because they are very unique some I have never seen before. If you want a chance to win some bows go on over to her blog Hair for the Mini Diva and enter Good luck!.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Angled dutch braid

This is really easy to do it's just a dutch braid I started on the left side and angled it to over to the right side, sorry no step by step pictures, I didn't think about it till I was already done. if ya need a refresher for the braid click here Dutch braid.

I braided till it was just behind her right ear, then I secured it with an elastic, curled the ends and added a bow it's that simple. It took me about 10 mins to do.

Ryne had some hair that wasn't quite long enough to go in the braid so I just left it out and curled it. You can pull it to the side and combine with the braid.

I just learned to make this bow and I have to say it is my favorite (at least at the moment).

Another shot from the front. This is her " hurry mom take the picture we are going to miss the bus." smile.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chic-clips hair bow Giveaway:)

The gal over at Chic Clips just got her 100th sell on etsy and to celebrate is giving away bows!! She makes the most wonderful bows, so go on over to Chic Clips and enter you may be a lucky winner!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Side braid.

Ok so this is the style I did on Ryne's hair before it was cut it's really simple.

1) First pull all the hair from one side of the head to the other, like your going to do a side pony tail. I pulled from the left to the right.
2) Then make a front part going from the side you pulled the hair from (mine was from the left) and take it all the way around the head to the other ear. Then do a dutch braid with this new section.
3) Once I got around to the other side I secured it with an elastic then I pulled all the hair together into a low side pony tail and then braided it. You can do a messy bun or even just curl the ends if you wanted to instead of braiding it, no matter what ya do it looks cute. So that's it simple and easy but pretty.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broken promise

So yesterday I promised I would do a tutorial on the style I did yesterday, but I can't Ryne got her hair cut and it's to short, but I do have some pics of it, they aren't step by step but you can get the gist, I PROMISE I will post them tomorrow. Anyway I will show ya Ryne's cute hair cut, It's shorter than I would have like but ya know what it isn't my hair so I figured I would let her decided how short to cut it ( I did cross the line at I want to look like daddy!). She did so good, she sat still and did everything that was asked of her and she got a lolly pop when she was all done! So here it is.

Her long beautiful hair before the cut.

And after...Seriously if we hadn't been in a room full of people I probably would have cried at how short it was looking. I know I know it's just hair and it will grow back, and really it's not that short, but for me it is.

Front after shot, right after we got home from getting it cut and right before we styled it.
Back all flipped out cute. I just blow dried it flipping out the ends then I went over them with a curling iron.

Side shot of the cute curls. I took a small piece from the front and then one from the back and connected them together.

And the front. With a happy girl that I am sure is thinking "yeah it's about time mom let me get my hair cut, but I still want it purple!" (actually she told me this in the car).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New style..tomorrow!

I have been very busy sewing for my daughter, so I haven't been doing any new styles. I am finally done with the sewing and today we did a little fashion show, and I did her hair so tomorrow I will do a tutorial on it, it turned out really cute and it is pretty easy. If ya want to check out all the clothes I made for Ryne for school click here LAMPS FAMILY let me know what ya think!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Front Side braid

Last night I was flippin the channels and came across a re-run of Medium one of my favorite shows ever, anyway the oldest daughter of Allison, Ariel had a really cute and simple hair style, so I decided to try it.

1. Start by parting the hair in the middle, then I parted a small section on the left side of her head to about the back of her ear......like this.
2. Do a basic french braid.
On the show Ariel's hair had big loose curls, since Ryne's hair didn't want to cooperate with me today I just straight ironed it, but it looks so much better if it is curled. But that's it not much too it, simple but cute.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Braids Galore!

I decided to take a break from the basics today. I was playing with Ryne's hair trying to come up with some styles for our ward camp out that is coming up, I want her to look cute but I want her hair to be back out of her face. I took lot's of pictures too, so it should be pretty easy and it will help the beginners to practice the french braid!

1. Divide the hair from the top of the forehead to the nape of the neck, and then dived that section into 3 sections like this.
2.Start with french braiding the front section braid all the way to the ends.
3. Then start on the middle section this time when you have no more hair to grab pull in the braid from the front section like so..
4. Braid all the way to the end.
5. Can ya guess what to do next!? Yup french braid the 3rd section pulling the braid from the last one and continue to braid till the ends. Then do it to the other side.
6. Then I tucked the braids under the opposite side, it should look like this. You can add a bow to hide the rubber band. That's it, it's super cute and it hold up really well.
It creates it's own braid on the side and it goes all the way around the head, I love it and so did my daughter. She said that it was a princess style and that she couldn't wait to go camping now!
Over view.