Saturday, January 22, 2011

Star Burst Hair bow.

My mom gave me this gift bow, she thought I might want to try to make a hair bow like it. I've had it since May!! I decided today would be the day to pull it apart and make one for hair.
Things you'll need:

hot glue gun
hair clips

1. Start by cutting 7 circles, 3 large (4in), 2 medium (3in), 2 small (2)
2. Take one circle fold in half then in half again, then trace or freehand the design of your petal. (This one was a stair step with a point kinda thing)

3. Carefully cut out each circle, once you've cut it out cut 1/3 of the way down the folds. DO NOT cut all the way to the point.
4. When you open them up make 2 little slits on either side of the petal, do this to all 4 petals. Again DO NOT cut all the way through.
5. Fold one side of petal in, put a bead of glue then fold the other side over.
I used a hair clip to hold it till the glue set.
This is what your circles should look like.
6. Start layering your petals, alternating which way they go so all spaces are covered.
Fluff it up a bit and your done, you could put a bead in the middle but I liked mine plain.
7. Glue a small circle of felt on the back to make it stronger, then glue it to a hair clip or head band.

Just remember to pull all the glue stringy's off BEFORE ya take any pictures!!

I thought it turned out pretty good, you can make it smaller or bigger by making more circles. Play with it there are many many possibilities!


Dreamer13 said...

Very cool! I never would have figured that pattern out - thanks! I bet you could get a lot of different looks with different materials, too.

~ Karli

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

wowza! this is amazing! thanks for linking it up!

Brianna said...

Thats cool I will have to try that :)


Living Foxy said...

Super cute. I think this is easy enough for even me. I love you blog. I'm a new follower:)


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