Monday, November 8, 2010

Right french braid into left side pony tail

1) Make a part down the middle, go as far as the crown of the head. French braid the right section to the crown then finish braiding to the end of the hair.
2) Comb the left section into a side pony tail and bring the braid across and secure with an elastic.
3)It's hard to tell but I braided the side pony tail and made a bun, I let the ends stick out for that messy look.
Add an accessory, and your good to go.

Originally this style was going to be 2 french braids brought into pig tails but my fingers just didn't want to braid one side, and we ran out of time so I improvised. I thought it turned out really good and she looked really cute at her school assembly where she got student of the month award!


PaisleyJade said...

That is so cool - love it!!

Simply Natural said...

This is so pretty good job very creative