Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Styles

I know I have been HORRIBLE with posting new styles lately(and by lately I mean the last 2 yrs!), most of it's been due to some of us(yes I'm the guilty one) sleeping in resulting in no time for new styles or if by the off chance there is a new one there is no time for picture taking! Monday's however are a little better, for starters it's late start day my daughter doesn't have to be to the bus till 9:30 so we are up with plenty of time to do hair! So I am going to make a goal of posting a new style every Monday (and some weekends).

To start us off we are having our family pictures done on the 19th so I have been playing around with some styles.

I didn't take step by step shots but it was really simple, all I did was separate a front section of hair. Then starting on one side I french braided it only I didn't pick up hair from both sides just one leaving it raised and creating a kinda crown on her head.

Here you can kinda see the braid. Oh yeah and that is the flower she will be wearing for pics.
Then I just curled the rest of it with of curling iron.
And a pose with her Pillow Pet!


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