Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broken promise

So yesterday I promised I would do a tutorial on the style I did yesterday, but I can't Ryne got her hair cut and it's to short, but I do have some pics of it, they aren't step by step but you can get the gist, I PROMISE I will post them tomorrow. Anyway I will show ya Ryne's cute hair cut, It's shorter than I would have like but ya know what it isn't my hair so I figured I would let her decided how short to cut it ( I did cross the line at I want to look like daddy!). She did so good, she sat still and did everything that was asked of her and she got a lolly pop when she was all done! So here it is.

Her long beautiful hair before the cut.

And after...Seriously if we hadn't been in a room full of people I probably would have cried at how short it was looking. I know I know it's just hair and it will grow back, and really it's not that short, but for me it is.

Front after shot, right after we got home from getting it cut and right before we styled it.
Back all flipped out cute. I just blow dried it flipping out the ends then I went over them with a curling iron.

Side shot of the cute curls. I took a small piece from the front and then one from the back and connected them together.

And the front. With a happy girl that I am sure is thinking "yeah it's about time mom let me get my hair cut, but I still want it purple!" (actually she told me this in the car).

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