Monday, August 3, 2009

Braids Galore!

I decided to take a break from the basics today. I was playing with Ryne's hair trying to come up with some styles for our ward camp out that is coming up, I want her to look cute but I want her hair to be back out of her face. I took lot's of pictures too, so it should be pretty easy and it will help the beginners to practice the french braid!

1. Divide the hair from the top of the forehead to the nape of the neck, and then dived that section into 3 sections like this.
2.Start with french braiding the front section braid all the way to the ends.
3. Then start on the middle section this time when you have no more hair to grab pull in the braid from the front section like so..
4. Braid all the way to the end.
5. Can ya guess what to do next!? Yup french braid the 3rd section pulling the braid from the last one and continue to braid till the ends. Then do it to the other side.
6. Then I tucked the braids under the opposite side, it should look like this. You can add a bow to hide the rubber band. That's it, it's super cute and it hold up really well.
It creates it's own braid on the side and it goes all the way around the head, I love it and so did my daughter. She said that it was a princess style and that she couldn't wait to go camping now!
Over view.