Friday, December 4, 2009

2 Braids and a Braid bun + Giveaway!

1. Start buy parting off a small section of hair in the front, then part that down the middle.

2. French braid each section, secure with elastics

3. Pull the rest of the hair into a pony tail secure with an elastic, then braid the pony tail wrap it around into a bun, secure with booby pins and your done!

So I am going to attempt that GIVEAWAY again!! Hopefully I get more participation this time! The contest will end on Monday, that is also when the winner will be announced!

Purple Snow Flake Rag Bows (there are 2)
Red Lace Poinsettia Rag Bows (also 2)
Ok so here's how it's going to work this time:
1. Become a follower of my blog, or if you are already leave a comment saying so
2. Tell a friend and when they become a follower and enter the contest have them leave your name and you will both get an extra entry!!

So this time you have up to 3 chances to win, remember to leave your comments on my blog and leave a comment for each entry. Those who did show interest last week will also get extra entries. If you would prefer not to leave comments then you can e-mail me at, I will enter you in. Good luck, now let's have a good GIVEAWAY!!!