Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Picture Perfect

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After school today we are going to go get some family pictures done, and since I won't have time between getting Ryne from school and driving to where the pictures will be taken to curl her hair I decided to curl it before school, I figure I can handle a few touch ups. I love simple and elegant for pictures, ya don't want to get get to fancy or all people will notice is the hair and not your beautiful little girl!

1. First I did an exaggerated side part. I then French Braided the section, instead of pulling small sections of the hair up I took BIG chunky sections creating a looser and more full braid. You can do what you want depending on the look you want.
2. Then I took my small curling iron and just curled the rest of her hair and I haired sprayed it to death. Here's hoping it will last until picture time!This won't be the bow she is wearing for the pictures but it needed something.
Being goofy while mom is tryin to take a picture of the front of the hair!
still being goofy..finally an ok front shot!