Monday, October 11, 2010

Curly or straight?

I use to have beautiful natural curly hair. I absolutely loved it at least as an adult as a teenager I didn't care for it to much! Anyway it was so easy to manage and if I was in a hurry all I had to do was spray and scrunch, but after I had my 3rd baby my curl decided to be curly no more. That's why I decided to cut it short, if I'm gonna blow dry it I want it to be fairly quick. Anyway yesterday I decided to try something different and let it dry naturally then I curled some little sections with a curling iron. It didn't take very long and it turned out cute, I got several comments on it, someone even said they couldn't decide if they liked it curly or straight better! That made me feel good and it was nice to have curly hair again.

When I got up this morning I thought the curl would be gone or it would be super frizzy but it wasn't. I just sprayed it with a little hair spray separated some of the curls and this was my result..It was nice to not have to re- straighten it (something usually have to do daily). My hubby doesn't usually notice(or care) how I style my hair so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked if I was going to style it like this more! That is the best compliment a girl can get!!

So what do you think curly or straight?