Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally a hair style!!

When I did my daughters hair this morning she pointed out that I haven't been taking pictures of it anymore. I told her I hadn't really been into it lately and she told me to go get the camera so I did. This style isn't anything grand but it's cute and it was quick and easy. I didn't take step by step pictures, but if there's any confusion just let me know and I can do step by step.

1) Start by making an exaggerated part, go to about the crown of the head, like so.

2) Pull the side pieces down and secure with elastic, then pull them back into a pony tail.
3)Once you have your pony tail take a small section of hair, then divide it into 2 sections, then twist both pieces to the left. Take your left twisted piece and cross it over your right piece, continue all the way down, always crossing left over right, this creates your twist, secure each twist with an elastic. I made 4 twists.
4) I took one of the twists and circled it around the pony tail covering the elastic, and secured it with bobby pins.
And that's it, and easy, simple yet cute pony tail. Back view
Front shot. And for anyone wondering she does not have black eyes, it's from her Halloween makeup!

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michael said...

I think my daughter would love this look. Thank you for sharing it! reviews