Thursday, July 30, 2009

Underbraid aka Dutch braid.

This is one of my favorite braids. A friend of mine did it on her little girls hair and I fell on love with it. I had no idea how to do it and I remembered a braiding book that my mom got back in 1991 it has step by step instructions so I pulled it out and learned how to do it.
Its called an underbraid for a reason, the outside strands are always crossed under creating a raised look.

1. You are going to make a triangular section at the front hair line. Divide the section into 3 equal strands.
2. Cross the right strand UNDER the center strand. So the right strand is now the center strand, and of course the center strand is now the right strand. Then cross the left strand under the center strand, so now the left strand is the center strand.
3.This is were you start grabbing new sections of hair and adding them just like we did in the french braid. So I drop the right strand, pick up a new section of hair and then pick up the strand I dropped, then cross it UNDER the center strand. Do the same thing to the left side, making sure you go UNDER not over. Continue this till you get to the nape of the neck.
This shows me pulling the new picked up hair UNDER the center strand.
4. Once you have picked up the last sections of hair, continue to use the basic underbraid pattern all the way to the ends.
And your done!!. Not that hard and a beautiful braid.

If you want it to look more intricate and complicated just adjust the size of hair you pick up. This time I did pretty big sections, but to make it look like it is super hard just pick up smaller sections. So I hope those were easy directions for ya, let me know if ya have any problems.