Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Braid Puff and Giveaway!

So after being encouraged by friends and stopped by strangers I have decided to sell my hair bows on Etsy! And to kick it off I am going to be doing a giveaway, it's my very first one and I am excited really I am BURSTING with joy!! The giveaway will start on Monday, that way I have some time to get everything set up and decided how I want to do the giveaway, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Now onto today's hair style. I didn't take step by step pictures cause I couldn't find my camera! I did find my camera AFTER I was all done with the hair, and the pictures I managed to take are kinda blurry, so I apologize. I'm not sure why they are blurry I will have to mess with my camera and figure it out.

1.Start by parting hair just in front of the ears, so you have a front section, then separate that section into 3 sections and French braid each section, this is what the braids should look like.
2. Once the braids are done, part a section of hair out just behind the braided section (just behind the ears). Comb it smooth, to get the poof I took a small sock rolled it up and stick it under the section of hair, then pulled the braids back and secured with an elastic. 3. Here you can see the pink sock sticking out, I just put a bow over it to cover it, or you can smooth the hair over and secure with a bobby pin.
4. Curl the back and add a bow (if you want to). And your done. :)
Front Shot.
Shot of the bow.

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ObxBeachStar said...

Awesome! The sock is ingenous!