Friday, November 20, 2009

"Princess bump"

I can never find my camera when I need it! I was half way through this style when Ryne reminded me where daddy put the camera, so no step by step pics for this one but no worries it's VERY VERY easy and super cute.

1. Start by parting the hair down the middle, secure one side while you work with the other.
Divide the section into 3 sections.
2. Instead of doing this style down the back of the head, we are going to do it up the head. With that said start with the section closets to the base of the head, pull into a smooth pony tail put in elastic, then separate hair under elastic and then pull the hair through, tighten. The hair from the pony should be pointing up towards her forehead not down towards the neck. Repeat this step one more time on the same side then do it again on the other. This is what it should look like.3. Grab the sections from both sides, pull into a pony tail and tuck under like ya did the rest of the hair, then pull the hair back creating a "bump" secure with bobby pins.
I hair sprayed the cascading hair that was left with hair spray and scrunched it, added a flower and wa la done!
What it looks like from the side.
and the front. Ryne called the "bump" in the front "a princess bump"! This style took me 5 mins today, super easy,super fast and super cute what more could ya ask for!?

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