Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Princess Leia buns with a "twisty"

So I am officially back now with some new styles. Ryne wanted "two wisty ponwe tails". I was originally just going to pull them into pigtails then twist into buns, but she had something else in mind! I had her describe and show me what she wanted, it took a few minutes to finally come up with something that even remotely looked like what she described, but she was happy with it. So here it is:

1. Start by parting the hair into 2 sections, like your going to do pigtails.
2. Take 1/2 of the hair and pull out a small section of hair from the front, like so:3. Then divide it into 2 section and then twist them together, like this:4. So the same thing to the back, pull out a little section and twist. 5. Bring all the pieces together into a ponytail making sure the "twisty's" are on top. Then twist the ponytail. This is what you should have at this point:6. Then wrap the "twisty" loosely around the pony tail, you should have a bun of some sorts secure it with bobby pins. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side then your done! Front shot, see she is so happy with her style. She was so proud that she made it up herself, I will have to have her come up with a name for it.:)