Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basic French Braid

1. Start by combing the hair smooth to ensure a neat braid. You can braid the hair wet or you could leave it dry, wet hair makes for a tighter braid were as dry hair results a softer braid. Part a small front section of the hair and divide it into 3 strands of equal size, you can apply gel or hair spray to control stray ends.
2. Cross the right strand over the center strand. The center strand moves to the right and the right strand is now the center strand.
3. Reach across to the left and cross the left strand over the center strand putting the left strand in the center spot.
4. Pick up a new section of hair on the right side from the hairline to the center part. Combine this with the right strand you already have cross it over the center strand pulling it tight. Pick up a new section of hair on the left side combine with strand you already have and cross it over the center strand pulling tight. Try to keep the picked-up sections consistent. Continue down the head until there is no more hair to pick up.

5. Once you have picked up the last sections of hair, continue with the basic braid pattern on the ends.

And your done. Here is a top view.
Back view.
And happy front view. If ya have any questions or you need something explained better just let me know.