Sunday, July 26, 2009

Criss Cross

This tutorial is for my sis, she wanted to know how to do this criss cross french braid.

1. Ya start by parting the hair into 4 sections, front to back, ear to ear secure each section out of the way like this...
2. Start french braiding one of the front sections, I started with the right braid, ya want to try and braid it at an angle, when you have no more hair to add to the braid in that section then continue as a normal braid it should look like this...once it's long enough to reach the other side continue french braiding into the far left bottom section. After the right side is done do the same thing to the left.
3. When you get this far with the left braid...
4. Tuck it under the right one, then continue the french braid. And then your done.
Top view

Back view, I crossed the braids again at the bottom and put this adorable pink polka dot bow that I got from FlowerGoodies on to finish the style. If you wanted to you could stop the french braid at the base of the neck and just curl the ends, this makes for a little more fancy or dressy style.

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