Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keeping, scarfs or headbands in place

My daughter loves to wear headbands, or scarfs in her hair but the usually fall out with in minutes! This style helps keep the headband or scarf in place, while keeping the hair out of her face!

I started by making a part in the front just in front of her ears, then I divided that section into 4 sections. Then I took my little pony tail pulled it up slightly, then stuck the hair under the rubber band creating a little knot or twist, I then split the hair from that twist I left part of it out while I put the other section into the next pony tail, and then did another twist/knot, creating a puff braid. Each time doing this leaving a section of hair out to pull over the scarf later. So this is what it should look like.
Once you have the front done, you put in the scarf or headband. I used a scarf, I tied it on her head then I made a small part in the back and split it into 4 sections, just like the front. Then I took the section of hair I left out put it on top of the scarf and continued to do in the back what I did in the front, doing the little twist/knot and then connecting it to the next section of hair creating a puff braid, with the back I didn't leave and hair out. This is what it should look like when your done.

Once my scarf was in place I untied it and parted a little section of the hair, then I tied the scarf back on. Now you should have a section of hair under the scarf and one on top. I separated them into 4 sections again and the brought them together, this secures the bottom of the scarf so it doesn't slide up. You don't have to do 4 little pony tails, (I did this because later I pulled all the hair up into a pony tail so it looked cuter with more.)

After your done securing the bottom of the scarf, let the rest of the hair fall down and this is the end result! ( I tied the scarf to the side so the ends hung out, just for some extra cuteness!!)

Later in the day we ended up pulling it into a pony tail, leaving the ends of the scarf hanging down it looked super cute. Hopefully ya understood my instructions and I promise I am going to work on having better pictures! I am still pretty new at this but I will get the hang of taking good pictures!!

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Audrey said...

That is a very cleaver way to hold in a cute scarf!