Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pig tail braids

I did this cute style on Ryne a week or so ago I got it from GirlsCurls, today I decided to try it with 2 pony tails instead of 1. So this is the original style.
Here is my pig tail version, sorry I don't have step by step pics. I only had a few pics left on my memory card and I wanted to save them for the end results but it's pretty easy. First ya start by doing a center part all the way down her head. Then on the right side I parted my front section into 3 smaller sections I did it at an angle, you can do it straight if ya want. Secure each section with elastics, braid the 2 outer pony tails, you want to split the middle pony tail and then braid each half, so you should have 4 braids. Then repeat that on the other side.

Once that's done pull the loose hair into a pony tail (l;eave out the braids)secure with an elastic, then separate the pony tail and braid ( I made 5 small braids.) don't braid all the way to the bottom. Then I folded the braids up NOT UNDER and secured with an elastic, so now you should have a little fountain of hair with the braids under. It should look like this, ignore the finished front part. =)
Now that the other braids are secured take the 4 front braids and kinda weave them. On the right side I took the far left braid crossed it over and tucked it under the elastic, then I took the right one and crossed it to the left then I brought the 2 middle braids down on both sides and then secured under the elastic. This is what it should look like. After that your done!!
Front Shot. If ya have any questions let me know.

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