Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog worthy?

When I came up with this style I didn't think that it was blog worthy so, I didn't take step by step pictures, once I got done with it I decided it was cuter than I thought it was gonna be!! I will try and explain how I did it the best I can, if any one wants step by step pics let me know and I will take some and add them later.
1) I started by parting it like the zig zag dutch braid I did yesterday. Then take the small front section and twist it back, secure with an elastic.

2) Pull the rest of the hair back into a pony tail, take the remaining hair from the front twist and twist it back into the pony tail, secure with an elastic. Separate the pony tail into 2 sections then twist them together secure with an elastic, then pull the twist around the pony tail like a bun and secure with bobby pins.Hopefully ya understand all that, if ya have any questions let me know. Let me know if you think this style was blog worthy or not, don't worry I won't be offended. :)

On a side note I got my hair cut and colored, it's hard to see the color but it's red, I will have to get some better pictures of it later, it's hard when your tryin to do it yourself!!