Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puff Braid Halo with Ribbon

On Sunday Ryne wanted a "fancy all up hair do with NO hair on mines neck" and I remembered a style I saw over by Jen over at GirlyDo'sbyJen she did a French Braid Halo that I loved and have been wanting to try, but we were running and little late for church so I decided to do a puff braid halo instead, it turned out really cute.There aren't any step by step pictures ( I really need to work on that) by the time I remember to take pictures I am already done with the style, but this is VERY easy.

1) Start by parting down the middle like you are going to do pig tails, secure ones side out of the way. Take the side you are going to work with and divide it into 3 sections, then I started with the upper left section put it into a pony tail then set it off to the side, then take the next section smooth it how you want then add the pony tail from the last section then continue all the way around the head. You can do a high halo or a low halo, I did a low halo so I kept all of the pony tails down by the hairline. Once you go all the way around, secure the last of the hair by overlapping it with the beginning pony tail and that's it easy peasy! If you would like to put ribbon in like I did take a LARGE quilting needle and 1/4in ribbon and weave it in how ever you want then secure it.

There are so many things you can do with this style to pretty it up. When doing the ribbon you can end it in the back and leave the rest of your ribbon hanging, or you could put flowers all the way around it, baby's breath also looks really cool in a style like this use your imagination.

Many people that complimented on this style thought that it had taken me a long time to do, I just smiled and said thanks, they have no clue that it only took about 10 mins!!