Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Polka dot flower hair!

Isn't this the cutest fabric flower!? Another hair blog feature it they learned how to make it from another blog, I can't remember which hair blog I got it from so I am really sorry, I will look for it and see if I can get the link, but if any of you know were this was featured let me know. Ok so I made this flower to go with a shirt that I made my daughter, this is the style we did nothin super fancy.

1) Start parting a front section (my part went to the back of the ears.) Once that is done part that section into 3 sections.
2) French braid each section, once they are all done gather the braids and the remaining hair and secure with an elastic, the braid the pony tail, secure with an elastic. Now you can leave it like that or you can do what I did and tuck the braid under the elastic, then add a bow or flower or some other fun creation.


J. P. said...

so cute! I love that flower, I hope you can find the link and share it, I would love making a couple of those for Lily. ---This is Lisa by the way, JP would probably NOT love making a couple of those for Lily

Triskit said...

Your flower turned out so cute. I remember that post from Girly Do's By Jenn. I wanted to try it but it looked intimidating to me. I love that it matches the outfit perfectly.