Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uneven 3 strand braids in a pony tail.

Yesterday the gal over at Babes in Hair Land did a style done with an uneven 3 strand braid, I loved the way it looked, I had never seen it before so I went over to her sight and learned how to do the braid and decided I would do my own style with it today.

1) Make and exaggerated side part, them part from ear to ear, like this. Start with the section with the least amount of hair do the Uneven 3 strand braid.
2) Divided the section that has more hair in half, then do the Uneven braid with the top half. Once the braids are done set them aside then pull the rest of the hair together in a pony tail add the braids before securing with an elastic.
I just left the pony tail as it was but you could continue the braid, or put it in a bun, whatever you like use your imagination.
So I seem to be having an UN lucky day today, first let me give ya a little back story, Ryne lost one of my contacts and it was the last pair I had, so I have been wearing my 6 yr old won't even stay on my face if I look down glasses, until I could get in to see my Dr. Well this morning as I was doing Ryne's hair I made the mistake of looking down, my glasses slid off my face and since my hands were full of hair I didn't catch them, they landed in the sink the lens and the screw popped out, I found both but as I was trying to repair them blindly(I am literally legally blind without my glasses)I dropped them and lost the black screw in my black carpet!! So you may be wondering how I am writing this post if I am blind the answer would be I still have 1 good contact and I have no other choice but to wear it. I just thought the was kinda a funny story just wanted to share. Oh yeah I called the Dr. office to let them know my situation and they are going to give me a trial pair until I can get in to see the Dr. Yeah so by this afternoon I should have both my eyes back. ;)

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