Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiny Braids Pony Tail

Sometimes I like a good old fashioned pony tail, Ryne looks really cute with a pony tail but she still has a lot of short hair in the front and by the end of the day most of her hair is in her face, which kinda defeats the purpose of a pony tail. Today I decided to just do some small braids in the front to hold all the short hair together.

1) Start by pulling out a small amount of hair going all around her head like this........
2) Separate into smaller sections and braid, I did 7 braids all together I did NOT do the braids all the way around her head, just until about the back of her ear like this...
3)Once you have finished the braids, pull them aside out of the way and gather the rest of the hair with an elastic pulling it into a pony tail and securing with an elastic, then pull the braids back and add then to the pony tail, I just secured them with another elastic.
I left the back section out because this hair falls out anyway, so I just sprayed it with water and scrunched it a little. You can pull this hair up into the pony, or you could braid it and then add it to the pony tail.
I curled the ends of her pony tail under.Add a cute flower and your done!!We will see how well this held up when she gets home from school.:)