Friday, September 11, 2009

Bottom Band

I have been playing around with these kind of headbands and creating ways to help keep them in, it was mentioned to me that the problem with this kind of headband isn't so much keeping the front from sliding back but keeping the back from sliding up and popping off, this is one thing you can do that seems to remedy the problem.

I parted a small section in the front of her head and did a uneven 3 strand braid. Ya don't have to do this first braid if you don't want to Ryne just wanted a braid.
Then I pulled the hair into a loose pony tail and pulled a small amount of hair out like this...Put the headband in place.Pull a small section of hair out just above the headband like so...Combine the sections together, then separate into 3 sections like this, then do a small french braid across the back of the headband, making sure to grab sections from the top and bottom, once you get across secure with an elastic. In this case I did not braid all the way to the ends.This is what it should look like. Take out your pony tail and let the hair hang down. I secured the top braid to a small section of hair, Ryne didn't like it swinging around. I curled the ends of her hair "out"and then put in a bow. Side shot.And your "ALL DONE!!" Ryne's been wearing this all morning and I haven't had any problems with it sliding up or back.

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