Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Head band and Dutch Braid

Ryne LOVES headbands but they always slide backwards so I came up with this style to remedy the problem.

1) Part a front section of hair from about the middle of one ear over to the other, then start on the far side and do a Dutch braid (the braid will go from ear to ear), once the braid is done secure with an elastic, then put on the headband and let the other hear down, curl the ends and that's it.

Sorry about the crappy pictures my settings got changed and I didn't realize it till later. I am sure ya get the idea though. :)


Anonymous said...

it seems that everytime that i use this type of headband on my girls, it ends up popping right off. the front part i can get to stay but the back slides up and then pops right off. can you give me some suggestions??? thank you so much and i ADORE your hairstyles :)

Lamps Family said...

Corandvic I did a post called Keeping scarfs and headbands in place, that might give you an idea. I will experiment with the particular kind of headband and see what I can come up with that will work well, I will post the ideas in a couple of days:) I really appreciate the comment and the question it will be a nice challenge. Thanks again.

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